[ANNOUNCEMENT] Applications now open to Join 6002e4ever Team

6002e4ever is a new International PYC fansite and we have very few of staff till now. Because some of staff here, even I personally a  admin are still students and busy for school, homework, exams and even busy working their jobs. Furthermore, we will have more news, pics, videos.etc..related to our Chunnie solo and also JYJ in future. So we really need more people to help and support us. But to achieve this we need your contribution, any help is needed in the short or long term, after all this is like a volunteer work, which means that you will do in your free time. We also need positive and enthusiastic works from you.

When you join us. You will do multi-work  here, such as: update news, post pictures, videos, translation..etc.. Admins will assign you what to do. It’ll be good if you’re good at photoshop to design things and making subtitle.

When you intend to join us, please tell us through our contact info here. Everyone from any countries are welcome join us. ^___^ Of course, you must be able to communicate in English.

Don’t worry we are very nice and friendly 😀

P/S: Though our Chunnie closed down his twitter account, but our site will continue to be active to show our passion to him .Be strong and Hwaiting Chunsas!!! 

6002e4ever Team

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WELCOME TO 6002e4ever

As planned, we create 6002forever English version site beside Vietnamese version .We’ll update news, photos, videos, etc and share spazzes in English which relate to Chunnie from past till present.

Yoochun is our pride,  inspiration, strength and soul…he’s our everything. So let’s support and encourage Chunnie in any situation. We hope this will be a wonderful place for who love Yoochun from every corner of the world by your positive contributing, supporting and promoting our site and all are welcome. Also, we hope we will have good relationship.

Furthermore, I also created a Chunsa group on facebook. It’s called 6002 Chunsa Kingdom. You can join too 😀

“To Yoochun we are the world, but to us Yoochun is the world”



RULES for all readers

1. Free to share and take our post to translate in your languages, but MUST include full credit and do not modify anything in the posts from site.

2. DO NOT bash Yoochun, DBSK, HoMin, JYJ, Cassies, JYJers, individual fans. Respect each other.

3. DO NOT have any rude comments. Those such comment will be deleted.

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[PRE-ORDER][21.08.12] 2nd Blessing Yuchun Original Goods

Set 1: 2012-2013 diary & calendar
IDR 235.000

Set 2: Blessing slogan
IDR 125.000 

Full set (Set 1 + Set 2, weight: 0.8-1kg) IDR 355.000

Shipping fee from Korea – Jakarta is around IDR 190.000 – IDR 200.000

Closed PO on September 10, 2012

Shared by: Chiarendra Corp + 6002e4ever
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[PICS][21.08.12] #Yoochun in Mahalo Photobook Part 3 (Cre: figue141)

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[NEWS][19.08.12] JYJ Yoochun “I Knew Han Ji Min For 4 Months, But It Feels Like 10 Years”

JYJ’s Park Yoochun complimented actress Han Ji Min, who he acted with on SBS drama”‘Rooftop Prince,” for her ‘affinity.

JYJ‘s Park Yoochun complimented actress Han Ji Min, who he acted with on SBS drama “Rooftop Prince,” for her ‘affinity.’

On KBS 2TV “Entertainment Relay” that aired on Saturday, on the corner called ‘Star On Air,’ she was interviewed, on the set she filmed for advertising.

The reporter said that he gathered what her fellow acting partners thought about Han Ji Min, who has been acting for 10 years. When asked, “What do you think Park Yoochun said?” She replied, “That I eat a lot? Or that I seem like a town noona that he knew for 10 years?”

The reporter replied, “Park Yoochun said that you were ‘the greatest of all time’ and that you have the ‘best affinity.’ He said he knew you for 4 months, but that it seems like you guys have been friends for 10 years.’

Credit: Kpopstarz

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[VIDEO][19.08.12] Han Ji Min talks about Yoochun

Video credit: a22434

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[PICS][18.08.2012] JYJ Premiere Collection – Mahalo #1 ( Credit: mjae)

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[PICS][18.08.2012] JYJ Premiere Collection – Mahalo ( Credit: miccho0123)

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[FANARTS][18.08.12] JYJ Summer Days ♪☆0(^^0)*

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[SPAZZ][18.08.12] Yoochun on 3Voices Part 1

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[PICS][17.08.12]New pics of Yoochun from Mahalo Photobook (Update ~^^!!)

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[PICS][17.08.12]JYJ Premiere Collection – Mahalo #2


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